Myles to Go!


We are, in fact, a go!
We’ve left port!
We’ve shipped!
In the words of Dr. Natron Diamond, we’ve crossed the starting line!
And we’re happy you’re with us.
We’ve got so much planned for this journey.
Two episodes to start (of 11 in Season 1) and we’ll be posting a new episode every two weeks on Wednesdays.
In between, we’ll be posting new videos and blog posts from some of the characters and the people involved – we’re starting with a few gems of Diamondisms (yes, intentional) and a couple of posts by The Kid.
And we’re gearing up for content from Grace and Rose, maybe even Myles, as well as a spot for runners to hang out and compare notes.
It’s a beginning, we’re off.
And we’re happy to have you along!
Poke around.
And most of all, enjoy!

Larry, Ted, Shelley, Warren

Should I Go Barefoot?

Dear The Kid,
Should I go barefoot? I don’t know if I have the nerve.
Signed, Willing, But Shy

Dear Willing, But Shy
One question. Were you born with shoes on? Of course you should go barefoot.

Stop being such a pansy.
The Kid

Dear The Kid,
I don’t follow your logic. We were born with no clothes on. Do you mean we should all go around naked?
Signed, Willing, But Shy

Dear Willing, But Maybe Not So Shy
Are you from the press? Because I’ve had bad experiences with the press (well, one) twisting my words around and all that and trying to make me say something I didn’t say? Because if you’re with the press, I think you should at least come by and get a photo. At least give me that much. I’m at 449 Slater. Basement suite. Use the side door (not the front). And come between, say, 3:15 and 3:30. On Tuesdays. Thanks.
Signed, The Kid

Dear The Kid,
No, I’m not with the press. I’m just nervous about going barefoot. Maybe stepping on something, you know.
Signed, Willing, But Now I See My Problem

Dear Willing, But Now (You) See (Your) Problem
Don’t step on anything.
Signed, The Kid

The Whole Skirt Thing

Dear The Kid:
Why do you wear a skirt when it’s so kold (sic) out?
Signed, Confused But a Fan

Dear Confused But a Fan:
Thanks so much for pointing this out (as if I haven’t heard it before).
First let me point out…


It’s not a SKIRT, it’s a ZEPETE. 
Rhymes with zip-it-eh! It’s Raramuri for – well, I don’t know what, but not a SKIRT!!!! Okay? Message received everybody?
Thank you.
So, I don’t want to hear about it again.
It’s not that I’m sensitive, because I’m not.
You can’t afford to be sensitive when you’re out there living the unconventional.
That’s a lesson for everybody.
Don’t be sensitive. Don’t be crushed (courtesy of the great Dr. Natron Diamond).
And, oh, yeah, I have winter gear. When it snows, I wear the ZEPETE on top. For inspiration.
So, are we finally good on the skirt thing?
Signed, The Kid

Myles to Go – Launching April 24

Myles to Go.
We’re a new web comedy series about running, relationships and mid-life redemption.
If you’re over 40,  a middle-to-back-of-the-packer or a runner at heart you’ve found the right crowd. Hell, you’ll fit right in!
And we’re all going for a spin on April 24 (4:00 p.m. Eastern time) with the first two episodes of Season 1.
Sign up to our e-mail list and we’ll deliver the episodes, and all the great content we’ve got going, right to your door (well, inbox).
April 24. It’s a Wednesday. 4:00 p.m. Eastern.
How often can you say you had fun running when you still had Myles to Go.
Well, now it’s possible!
Is it a date?
Of course!
See you Wednesday, April 24, 4:00 p.m. Eastern.


On the Pad

I grew up in the space age. Launch days were a big deal.Apollo 11 Launch

I’d sit in front of the TV, one eye on the countdown clock, watching Walter Cronkite fill in the technical details and mission specifics. The impossibly white rocket stood poised in the background, on the pad, in the Florida sunshine. Pure potential. Little wisps of steam escaping from hoses connecting it to the massive gantry.

Remarkably, birds still flew around the rocket and went about their business on the Cape. Had they no idea what was going to happen?


The hours and then the minutes and finally the seconds (T-minus 10 seconds and counting…) ticked down.

At zero, mine and everyone’s adrenaline on full, a massive cough of smoke and fire burst from the Saturn V and enveloped it. For a few breathless fractions of a second – far too long – nothing seemed to happen. The rocket just sat there in a boiling cloud of smoke.

And then, impossibly slowly, it started to pull away from the earth and at once you could see, fire through the smoke, the sheer ferocity of the energy this massive vehicle was using – just to get off the ground. To overcome gravity, inertia.

It was awe inspiring. For those first few seconds, the big struggle – earth against rocket, inertia against movement, nature against technology – was on. Really on. Everything hung in the balance.

And then the rocket cleared the tower picking up speed and we cheered and whooped and it was up and before long out of sight – a bright dot, tracked by shaky earthbound cameras.

Myles to Go is on the pad. Birds are going about their business unawares. A lot of work is going on in the background. And we’ve trial launched before – made some changes and we’re back.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to launch day.