The Whole Skirt Thing

Dear The Kid:
Why do you wear a skirt when it’s so kold (sic) out?
Signed, Confused But a Fan

Dear Confused But a Fan:
Thanks so much for pointing this out (as if I haven’t heard it before).
First let me point out…


It’s not a SKIRT, it’s a ZEPETE. 
Rhymes with zip-it-eh! It’s Raramuri for – well, I don’t know what, but not a SKIRT!!!! Okay? Message received everybody?
Thank you.
So, I don’t want to hear about it again.
It’s not that I’m sensitive, because I’m not.
You can’t afford to be sensitive when you’re out there living the unconventional.
That’s a lesson for everybody.
Don’t be sensitive. Don’t be crushed (courtesy of the great Dr. Natron Diamond).
And, oh, yeah, I have winter gear. When it snows, I wear the ZEPETE on top. For inspiration.
So, are we finally good on the skirt thing?
Signed, The Kid

2 thoughts on “The Whole Skirt Thing

  1. I want to start running in a zepete and can’t find where to buy one. Can you tell me where to find or make one and how to wear it properly. Also, I would like to know what the puffy pirate shirts are called and where to get them.

    • Hi Jason,
      Sorry it’s taken me a bit to respond.
      The zepete worn by James in Myles to Go was made by our costume designer Alexis – it was pinned together and wouldn’t hold up for a block of real running. We weren’t so concerned with it being truly authentic, it just had to be The Kid’s interpretation. He (the character) just had to feel it was authentic.
      It looked to us, from the photos we could find on-line, that it was made with a single piece of fabric wrapped around the mid section in a particular way. Without knowing the proper way, we did what we could.
      As for the pirate shirt – I don’t know what it’s proper name is.
      I’m going to ask around and see if I can find out how the zepetes are made, the more authentic the better (in our world), and in the doing, see if I can dig up the proper name for the shirts they wear.
      I’ll post what I find here.
      Good luck with your search, keep on running and if you turn up something in the next short while, let us know.


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