Ask The Kid

Ask the KidEver wonder how to run barefoot?
How about how to dress like a Tarahumara?
How about how to live the unconventional lifestyle of your dreams?
Aha! I knew it!
Well, I’m here to help.
I get people asking me all the time, “How do you have so much free time?”,”Where did you get those cool clothes?”, “How come you’re so smart?” and so on.
If life’s big questions are jamming up your mojo, take a load off.
Just ask The Kid (me), and I’ll sort things out for you.
I’ll answer your question up here (in complete confidentiality) every, well, whenever I get around to it.
So far we’ve handled these:

The Why

Dear The Kid: So, okay. Why do you go barefoot? You on a budget? Signed, Proud Yet Protected Dear Proud Yet Protected: Thanks for your profound yet emoticon-free email. I’m going to assume you’re not my neighbour’s teenage kid, so … Continue reading

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Should I Go Barefoot?

Dear The Kid, Should I go barefoot? I don’t know if I have the nerve. Signed, Willing, But Shy Dear Willing, But Shy One question. Were you born with shoes on? Of course you should go barefoot. Stop being such … Continue reading

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The Whole Skirt Thing

Dear The Kid: Why do you wear a skirt when it’s so kold (sic) out? Signed, Confused But a Fan Dear Confused But a Fan: Thanks so much for pointing this out (as if I haven’t heard it before). First … Continue reading

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