Myles to Go!

We are, in fact, a go!
We’ve left port!
We’ve shipped!
In the words of Dr. Natron Diamond, we’ve crossed the starting line!
And we’re happy you’re with us.
We’ve got so much planned for this journey.
Two episodes to start (of 11 in Season 1) and we’ll be posting a new episode every two weeks on Wednesdays.
In between, we’ll be posting new videos and blog posts from some of the characters and the people involved – we’re starting with a few gems of Diamondisms (yes, intentional) and a couple of posts by The Kid.
And we’re gearing up for content from Grace and Rose, maybe even Myles, as well as a spot for runners to hang out and compare notes.
It’s a beginning, we’re off.
And we’re happy to have you along!
Poke around.
And most of all, enjoy!

Larry, Ted, Shelley, Warren

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