MTG on (Short Term) Hiatus


Fellow MTG’ers
I hope everyone is having a great summer. So great, in fact, that you’ve maybe lost or misplaced your iPads, iPhones, Androids, laptops and who knows what else, and you won’t miss Myles to Go for a few weeks.
While Warren (our indefatigable producer-director-editor) works to solve a gremlin in the footage for Episode 7, we’re taking a breather.
Like our bigger network brethren (Breaking Bad and Hell on Wheels come to mind) we’re going on hiatus for a short while.
We’ll let you know when Myles to Go is all charged and ready – and charged it shall be – for the four-episode dash to the finish.
So enjoy the summer sun, lay down your internet laden devices, and, in the wise words of my Mom all those years ago, “Get outside, for crying out loud”!
Bondi Barefoot RaceSee you real soon!

Episode 7 – Weekend Release


Fellow MTG’ers
Owing to second-order flood effects here in Calgary, we’ve got to hold back Episode 7 until the weekend, from our normal Wednesday release.
No, Episode 7 will not make it rain. And no, it shouldn’t cause your sewer to back-up. But amid the general misfortune of the last 10 days or so, MTG had to take a back seat for a bit.
I can tell you that it’ll be worth the wait.
On Episode 7, it’s dinner time at MTG and on the menu are a pair of vivacious blondes who prove:

  • vegetables make you crazy, and
  • the fruit does not, in fact, fall far from the tree

See you on the weekend!


Episode 6 – How to Make an Impression

Fellow MTG’ers!
Have we got an Episode 6 for you!
It’s Grace as you’ve never seen her. Gladys (Mom) as you’ve never heard her. The Kid as Gladys has never seen him. And Myles, well, actually I think you’ve seen him this way. And Carla. And Diamond. 
But after that it gets kind of complicated.
Suffice it to say, if you’ve been following along, things come to a head.

Episode 4 – Piece of Mind


Episode 4, our latest installment, is all ready to go. And ready to help you add more tools to your social-skills tool kit (we take our responsibilities seriously).
Plans unravel as do some of the principals (and principles, for that matter) as Diamond provides some well-received personal improvement advice and the fun and games come to a crashing halt.
Happy to have you along!

Myles to Go!


We are, in fact, a go!
We’ve left port!
We’ve shipped!
In the words of Dr. Natron Diamond, we’ve crossed the starting line!
And we’re happy you’re with us.
We’ve got so much planned for this journey.
Two episodes to start (of 11 in Season 1) and we’ll be posting a new episode every two weeks on Wednesdays.
In between, we’ll be posting new videos and blog posts from some of the characters and the people involved – we’re starting with a few gems of Diamondisms (yes, intentional) and a couple of posts by The Kid.
And we’re gearing up for content from Grace and Rose, maybe even Myles, as well as a spot for runners to hang out and compare notes.
It’s a beginning, we’re off.
And we’re happy to have you along!
Poke around.
And most of all, enjoy!

Larry, Ted, Shelley, Warren