The Kid

An ideological barefooter tied to Mother’s apron string, graced with an acid tongue, an inexact memory and an unfortunate fashion sense. On a quest for authenticity in a world gone commercial.


A recently out-sourced career running-shoe salesman tied to Mother’s other apron string. On a mission to rehabilitate the world’s abandoned running shoes and ride off into the sunset with Grace (and, if necessary, Mother).


A cagey ex-motivational speaker, with a flair for the ladies, trying to beat the eight count for one more shot at the rubber chicken circuit.


A sweet-as-honey chemist with a heart of gold, a formidable vocabulary and a fearsome haymaker. Trying to make an honest man out of Myles.


An Eastern-mystic chatterbox bombshell with a weakness for form-fitting clothes and a prayer wheel that’ll never spin. Looking to get out of high heels and into a lasting relationship.