…about running, relationships and a lack of revenue.

Recent Episodes
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Episode 1 – The Brotherhood

Myles and Grace race to open Myles More used shoes for a big-time investor, while his brother, The Kid, handles marketing and crowd control out front.

Episode 2  – What You Pay For

Myles and Grace roll out the red carpet for Carla, the new investor – Diamond – shows up and impresses Carla, and Grace makes an “impression” on The Kid.

Episode 3 – Mightier Than the Sword

Diamond’s stock soars with Grace and Carla, Myles fights an uphill battle for Diamond’s cash, and The Kid pulls out all his fan-crazed stops (but one) to impress.

Episode 4 – Piece of Mind

How do you break the ice? With a meltdown of course. Plans unravel as do some of the principals (and principles, for that matter) as Diamond provides some well-received personal improvement advice and the fun and games come to a crashing halt.

Episode 5 – A Couple of Deep Breaths

It’s high noon upstairs and evacuation drill down as Myles More Shoes empties out in full panic mode. Diamond dispenses the wisdom, Carla dispenses The Kid, and Myles tries to dispense with everyone as the battle rages and The Kid takes another one for the team.

Episode 6 – How to Make an Impression

Grace drops a bomb. The Kid picks it up. Carla drops a hint. Diamond takes a pass.
Myles drops the ball and The Kid drops Ma – with an ill-timed fashion faux pas.

Episode 7 – Nine-tenths of the Law

Diamond dines out, ducking and weaving his way around the frying pan only to step into some just desserts. Who knew karma could have you spittin’ chicklets?