Off and Running!

Off and RunningWe’re off and running.
And it’s great to have you along. We’re planning on releasing every two weeks – so you’ll get Episode 3 next week – May 8th. (It’s about the bad things that happen when Mom’s out of the house.)
This week we’ve added:

  • two Behind the Scenes videos – interviews with Shelley (Grace) and me from Day 1 of shooting – if you’re into how this sort of thing gets started, and
  • a post by The Kid – wrapped in it’s usual prickly packaging – that’s got some great running advice and videos, whether you’re a barefooter or you just want to be

We’ve also got plans in the works, just squared up this week, for a spin-off mini-series you’ll start getting in late June about two of our female characters on the run – that’s all I’ll say for now – it should be frantic and fun.
Recovering today from a weekend half-marathon, I’m reminded why people run. I can only conclude it’s because it feels so good when we’re done. Tell me I’m not telling the truth.
Have a great week.
And enjoy!

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