Making That Change

Dear The Kid,
I want to start running barefoot, but I don’t want to reduce my mileage. I’m training for my first marathon and I’m up to about 25 miles a week with shoes on. You’re the king of barefoot. Any ideas?
Signed, Intense But Obviously Tender

Dear Intense But Obviously Tender,
Obviously, shucking the shoes and copping 25 miles barefoot in one week is going to shred your feet pretty nicely.  I would normally say, go cold turkey anyway, but I understand. You’re excited about it. You want to keep training. You want the medal. I totally understand.
Try Plan B.
Go gradual. Don’t change a thing. And I mean it. Run in your shoes until the soles wear out – that’s how I started.
Recognize, these guys make shoes to last a year or so max. This time, when you wear a hole in the bottom, don’t run to the store for a new pair. Just keep running.
Worn Shoes
Sure, it’ll be soggy for a while, puddles and snowbanks and wet grass and such, but eventually, and this’ll take some time, the sole will wear right out. Actually, once that tough lower layer is gone, I’m telling you that soft EVA goes in no time. It’s like marshmallow, that stuff. And bam, you’re barefoot!
No loss of mileage, no loss of training time.
If you’ve already pushed through at the toe and probably the heel – and if you want to hurry things up, just carve a little off with a jacknife.
Time, my friend. Time is our greatest ally.
Signed, The Kid

Dear The Kid,
Geez, you’re smart. Why didn’t I think of that?
Signed, Intense But Now More Cool About It

Dear Intense But Now More Cool About It
Don’t worry about it my child. I’ve had much time in life to acquire knowledge.
Signed, The Kid

Dear The Kid,
So have I. I’m 90 years old.
Signed, Intense But Now Wiser

Dear Intense But Now Wiser
Cold turkey is okay too. If…you know…you need to.
Signed, The Kid

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