Breaking News on the Myles-to-Go Front

It’s been an exciting week.Shelley at the Creek

In addition to going live with Episode 3, we’re firming things up on a new project – a spin-off – that we’re planning to start shooting at the beginning of June. As we get closer to the shoot date, I’ll keep you up to speed with posts and pics. And if you’re interested in helping out, or coming by, or hanging out, or bombing the episode (bring running gear), or just seeing how this turns out,  we’d love to have you. If you’re not in town, don’t worry – once you see what we’re doing, you’ll undoubtedly have some ideas about future episodes.

Especially if you happen to be female and a runner.

We’re also on-track – Ted’s getting ready – to bring you more of Diamond’s words-to-the wise. Diamond, apparently, has been to the other side and, in the words of Joseph Campbell (The Hero With a Thousand Faces) has returned with a boon. In the words of Diamond “it’s a boon, not a bone. Don’t know what it is? Look it up”.

Some things never change.

For this week, The Kid has posted another heart-felt exchange with a fan about barefooting.

Episode 4 is up next week. Plans start to unravel as do some of the principals (and principles, for that matter) – stay tuned.

So, yeah, we’re only just into May but we’re heading into June with a full head of steam. All aboard!

Have a great week!




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